Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Don't let the bed bugs bite!
Photo by Argonaut

When I was in college, there are times where I had to go to other houses and sleep over because I had a thesis or project I need to finish in a week. I hate doing that because first, I can't sleep because it's not my bed. Aside from that, you'll sometimes get disappointed when you wake up; because something just bit you. For the years that you have been taking care of your skin, it'll just get a big bump that'll get surely infected in a couple of hours. No cream, no medicine would be able to make that subside. I know someone who'll get ugly after that.

You often wonder how people get it. I don't even know but that just made my day when I slept over a friend’s house. Is it because they didn't clean the mattresses too often? Is it because they are not that keen on getting their house fogged? I know for a fact that this friend of mine was a cleaning freak. If I wasn't aware of it, I'm sure I could've thought that he had a disorder of some sort. No matter how clean he was with everything in his house, the fact is; I got bitten.

I actually told them about it too. This friend of mine just got out of bed; and learning about the ordeal I went, he immediately rushed to the room to look at it. Actually, he did not just look at it but he was lifting things and preparing to burn it to the stake. I was surprised about what he wanted to even do at that time; I had to stop him from his impulsive ways. I just can't let him do that to a 12,000 peso bed; throwing it away was not even part of my wildest dreams. It is just too expensive and his mom would probably be the second person to freak out in that same day. I'm not a psychology graduate so it would be difficult to handle really.

If you've got bed bugs in your bed, I read about a simple solution that can take these annoying things away from you. There's a mattress cover made of plastic, which are 100% bug proof that can zip around the outside of it and eliminate the bugs in about 6 months. This has been proven to work in a lot of homes, so why shouldn't we try this one ourselves right? You’ll surely get thanked for saving that expensive major part of the bed, I know I was. Make sure you know this so you’ll get to be the hero too.


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