Mendiola Massacare

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The scene in Mendiola a few hours ago where PNP stopped the rally of the farmers.

Almost a hundred farmers marched Mendiola streets a while ago in commemoration of the Mendiola Massacare where 39 farmer activists were shot down because of alleged leftist activities in the 70's. I don't know if I was born yet but it seems to me that a lot of people don't even know when or why this happened.

In the Marcos regime, they were the only ones who marched to the streets and fought oppression but they were gunned down when they tried to approach Manila's Malacanang district where the President stays. Until now, people still go there to air their grievances. They go to that same place where these people died, a widow of one of the victims was interviewed a while ago and said its sad that nobody knew of the event. For me, its an unending battle... they all complain... some of them are legitimate, some of them are just plain noisy... but in this day, these people should have at least been remembered. They fought for something then and until now, nothing has been resolved. Their lands are still owned by landlords... the land they sow crops on are still owned by the rich. What's new! But I still have hope that someday, one of our leaders would probably step up. As long as he's god fearing, can do the job, then he's good for me. I hope you guys are thinking about who to vote come 2010, because I would not like to see someone irresponsible again gaining power and money in the expense of YOUR AND MY TAXES!!!


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