A Slice of Bread

Monday, January 26, 2009

The morning shines when I get out of work and the first few things that make me happy after work is breakfast. Coffee, bagel, pancakes and toast were a staple for this cute marshmallow man type of guy. I really need some comfort food every now and then to get me through the day even when I’m on a diet. I’ve been eating lots of bread for a while now; I’ve cut down on rice so I’m trying my best to stick with it.

With the bland taste of bread I was wondering what I could eat when I’m already getting bored with the same white rye from the same old bakeshop. I grabbed some of them and made pizza out of our toaster oven. That’s one thing I did right, the viands kept me happy because I could put almost anything on it once it’s toasted. About the toaster we have at home, its actually getting a little bit old. I kind of miss the first one I used when I was a kid that looks like the ones in American movies where you get to press and pop the oven when it’s done. We didn’t have that anymore so we kind of were stuck at what’s available in the market. I tried to look at some of them in the mall appliance center, oh boy were they getting expensive.

There were different types of oven toasters already, of which some had various features which I don’t really need. It’s time I try to check out some sites like http://www.toasterovensguide.com so I narrow down my choices. There were a lot of them that had convection and microwave toaster ovens with them. I like the classic 50’s looking ones that can make them simple. I think I’ll be buying that soon. I like spreading butter on them; I get to have my cup of tea too. How about you?!


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