PDEA Admits P3-M Bribe Try

Thursday, January 08, 2009

PDEA Chief General Dionisio Santiago telling the tale of Alabang Boys

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) officer Major Fernando Marcelino testified at the House of Representatives a while ago. He admitted the existence of a P3 million bribery offer to him for the release of three suspects they arrested last year in a buy bust operation. They were the one coined as "ALABANG BOYS".

They had a very heated argument pointing fingers at who was to blame for the junked cases in the Department of Justice. This surfaced a lot of questions over legalities of procedure and how both the Philippine National Police Drug Enforcement Unit and the PDEA had troubles pushing through with prosecution. They now know how the DOJ junks these cases even if there is strong evidence over the masterminds of these buybust operations.

PDEA Chief General Dionisio Santiago said that he even had a text message saved from one of the family members of the Brodett's asking why he was complaining when he was already paid. This irked him a lot and so he confirmed this incident to congress. Their credibility is on the line obviously. He also gave details about how they caught the suspects in this drug related crime. Suspects Jorge Joseph, Richard Brodett at Joseph Tecson are still locked up but is being set free by papers from the DOJ. It's a good thing they brought this out into media, otherwise the culprits could have gotten away. They will be continuing sessions tommorow about this same issue. I wonder who got the money... hmmm.... Hahah!


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