Fireworks Victims arrives at Philippine Hospitals

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Some guys just never learn!

The Philippines is still following the footsteps of Chinese nationals in spending for fireworks in celebrating New Year's Day. I was happy last night because there was a lot of places in Metro Manila that had rainshowers and drizzles. I thought there wouldn't be a lot of hard headed Filipinos that would do fireworks because of it, but I was wrong. It still was a little noisy in our streets. I even saw a glimpse of people who got hit by explosives watching the news. Its just sad that they won't learn if they don't get hurt.

Slowly they came one by one in the hospitals of Quezon City. In East Avenue Medical Center, there are about 17 people that fell victim since yesterday. Most of them were hit by the prohibited PICCOLO, faulty local "KWITIS" or rockets,Luces (lightsticks) and 5Star (a local triangle). All of them are very strong explosives but most have only sustained minor injury so some of them were already sent home but not an 8 year old kid that swallowed WATUSI (red scratch firecrackers).

In Quirino Labor Hospital, a young lad was also hit by a rocket in his neck. In Caloocan City, about 9 were sent to Tala Hospital since December 24 which also sustained piccolo caused wounds.What a bad day to spend your New Year at the Hospital!


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