Geri Halliwell Engaged!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Geri Halliwell with Groom to be Fabrizio Politi and daughter Bluebell Madonna

Good-looking, bad-tasting
Full-bodied, butt-wasting
Loose-living, tight-fitting
What you see ain't what you are getting
Big make-up, little break-up
She wants it, he's got it
Cold-blooded, hot gossip
Superficial expectations

Look at me
You can take it all because this face is free
Maybe next time use your eyes and look at me

And the song goes on for Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell as she gets engaged with Italian yacht tycoon boyfriend, Fabrizio Politi (ANYAMAN!) hehehe... She was given as a token of their commitment to each other an engagement ring over the festive season. Despite this fast and the furious relationship, Geri and Fabrizio had no plans yet of going down the isle. Neither one of their parties wanted to do so. But they are engaged still. What a setup! haha

There are no immediate plans for marriage as the couple are enjoying their engagement and they are usually going out together with Geri's daughter Bluebell Madonna in Paris or the Maldives Islands. Ginger Spice and Politi met at a Florence nightclub in December 2008 and have been inseprable eversince. Incredible!


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