OBAMA MANIA in Manila!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Everybody's excited in Manila for the Inauguration of the US President Barack Obama. I have followed his journey since the Democratic convention and have seen remarkable differences on what he's doing, where he is, and what he plans to do next. The biggest hurdle perhaps is still the US Economic crisis which he needs to get started on DAY 1.

More that 2 million will attend the inauguration of the first ever Black US president. A star studded cast of hundreds of celebrities were said to be following the inauguration ceremonies in order to be included in the event. Oprah will lead among supporters of Barack and our own Charice will be singing God Bless America in one of the dinners he's hosting. David Foster arranged this rendition so it really did come to merge with Cha's voice. It was really nice to see her there.

The city of Manila has been relatively peaceful and less crowded this evening because most have stayed within their homes watching images like these unfold.


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