Disbarment VS Alabang Boys Attorney Mulled

Friday, January 09, 2009

VACC is now taking action on this Alabang Boys Lawyer!

A disbarment case against 2 of the infamous Alabang Boys was filed in the Supreme Court. Attorney Felisberto Verano is now under heavy scrutiny. Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption's chair Dante Jimenez filed a letter complaint for disbarment versus the said lawyer.

His actions were said out of context of the code of conduct of Lawyers for fixing release papers of the said publicly villained Alabang Boys. They said these ways of Verano should be stopped immediately because the Law is nothing to be played with. He also was complained about using a government agency's letter head even if he is in private practive. Everything is attached to the complaint, now it's up to the courts to spank this bad boy if he is proven guilty.


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