Calling Costs A Lot!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I've been trying to call my cousin in the Canada and Japan helplessly because I was trying to fix matters concerning money sent over some banks in the Philippines. I was using the services of local cellular phone companies that charged me a couple thousand of pesos in order to get a decent conversation going. It was doubly hard if they were unavailable because they still charged me the same rates.

I was trying to get a cheaper deal than the usual because discounted rates here were still costing a lot compared to what I could have had when I was in the US. Good thing there are a couple of online shops that transact calling cards that can work here and wherever I may be elsewhere in the world. Now for a few cents, I can call Canada, the US and other countries. I think 23.9 cents which the site offers is the best one I could find. Imagine that... the rates are better! Where else should we get reasonable prices at this side of the globe? I guess I'll have to tell my friends too because it even did beat the rates of Philippine Phone Cards available at local telecommunication companies. Now its going to be easier to call from 153 countries around the world. Need I say more? We all have choices, but there never will be a better deal than this phone card company that knows how things could get easier for you.


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