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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I’ve been working hard and pretty much aged this past year so I plan to put my money into good use. I just bought my self a laptop a few weeks ago and the graphics are excellent I couldn’t complain at all. The weight and heat of it though had me worried a bit but maybe it’s just new and I had to get used to. There’s nothing that a cooling system would resolve when I get one from local computer supply shops.

I plan to also travel to Singapore this year and probably stay at my Aunt’s house. If that wouldn’t materialize I’ll be staying at a hotel and I don’t really need fancy ones because I’m probably going to leave my bags there and roam around the city most of the time. I was frantically looking for specific hotel websites but it was just arduous to choose with the various prices they offer. I would also be grabbing my Mom so she can relax a bit while we’re there. It’s a one hour plane ride so we both wouldn’t be stressed traveling. Good thing I got hold of that lists everyone complete with maps and all that jazz. It will probably cost me around 5,000 Philippine pesos a night at Holiday Inn and it would be a bit out of the way of main shopping and attractions but it is near transportation routes. I would also maybe get my mom a foot massage next door that costs little but that would be great for her I’m sure. The reviews also from the list of hotels there would get you what you need to know from people who really stayed there. The great site also had options to find these hotels by city so it’s so easy. I’ll go back and comment there after our trip on the first week of March. We already went to Hong Kong so most probably that would be a long shot as our next destination. What a huge relief to have found that site!

I plan to also buy myself a professional digital camera to fulfill my frustrations as a photographer. If I’ve got an eye for it most probably it will show come shopping night in Singapore too. I heard it’s cheaper there. When I get back to the Philippines I’d probably be thinking of purchasing the lens for it. I’m so glad I’ve accomplished so many things in 2008 and I plan to continue doing so in the Year of the Earth Ox. It pays to give yourself a pat on the back sometimes so you wouldn’t go ballistic in the office when you get back. Talk about stress ha-ha!


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eva said...

wow new laptop and travel sa singapore. saya naman. dun ka na bili ng camera.