Israel Pushes Through Gaza

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Israeli soldiers look over Gaza, when will this war stop?!! (-_-)"

Israel seized control of high-rise buildings and attacked houses, mosques and smuggling tunnels as it pressed its offensive against the Gaza Strip's Hamas rulers while just today in the news, I heard that the U.S. joined the countries pushing for a cease-fire in the region. Palestinians also say that there are about 540 dead and nearly 2,000 wounded since Israel struck war on Dec. 27, including at least 200 which were said to be civilians.

There are three demands to be met to stop the Israeli operations in that region:

1.) An end to Palestinian attacks
2.) International supervision of any truce and a halt to Hamas rearming.
3.) While Hamas demands a cessation of Israeli attacks and the opening of vital Gaza-Israel cargo crossings, Gaza's main lifeline.

President Bush and the US reiterates Israel is just protecting itself. The situation in Gaza was caused by the terrorist group Hamas. Hamas still is defiant and daring Israel to continue to make this a bloodbath in the streets. Israel is overwhelming everything since they are experts in urban warfare. US is taking a back seat in this case and is watching over the EU to settle this dispute in a major way. Obama is in the sidelines where he should be since he is not yet in power and letting Bush handle these things. What do you think people should do to stop this war? This is just sad. Comment on this please!


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