How about a nice FORD Escape!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I got a friend working for Ford Motors Philippines that kept bugging me and my office mates to buy a car from the shop. The deal wasn’t bad though, but of course Ford Machinery in this side of the world is still hundreds of thousands of pesos more expensive than the other brands. There are particular models though that did not disappoint me and got my approval like the New Ford Escape. With the whole machismo of bare metal in and around the car, I am impressed with its lines and power. That’s all I ever ask for in cars anyway and I’m thinking of changing our van for this one. If the offer gets lower in the coming months then I’d probably be considering this particular model hands down.

If you plan to buy a car in the UK like my brother did in Eire then don’t hesitate to check out prices and details at They've got the best deals in town! Soon everyone will have that Ford vehicle they wish for.


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