Sunday, January 11, 2009

I had a blast last night when I went out with my friends to watch this Comedy film from the Metro Manila Film Festival called DESPERADAS 2 (All we need is Love). This is a sequel to the same film title last year which I watched with a different girlfriend lolz. It was nice to say at least becaus I was smiling at times and that's pretty hard to do in my books. Ruffa Gutierrez, Rufa Mae Quinto, Iza Calzado, Marian Rivera along with their fifth long-lost sister, Ogie Alcasid star in this very funny movie. I recommend you watch it!

Why you may ask?! I found it hilarious for one and you should never miss Ogie's role. That was the best! Ruffa (Isabella) is a non committing lady that tries a skin care business and made everybody else ugly. She was jailed in the last bit but bailed out by Ogie's character Luga Luda who is a princess of some filthy rich foreign island and kingdom in Africa. Rufa Mae (Patricia) had a rich boyfriend/politician that only made her into a bag lady for gambling/jueteng operations. The shopping was not that bad though... everybody enjoyed that in the movie. Iza (Stephanie) was a postpartum depression victim... after giving birth, she went to extremes of even trying to commit suicide in their front lawn. Eventually she was saved by a raindance by Ogie hahah. Marian (Courtney) is still a designer of underwear and bikinis that had a stalker and never got into bed with her husband because she said she was not prepared to have a baby. Ogie (Luga Luda) had a wonderful stint of having a boy of her own...her antics were just fun! I couldnt stop laughing in the massage scene. Poor boy got kissed a couple of times too hahaha. She had an unbreakable bond as half-sisters. The five are brought together by the love and affection they hold for each other.

All in all this was a nice movie. I don't watch Filipino Movies that much because they are somtimes predictable and too commercial. This was great considering they only landed on the 4th spot in the festival. If I were to judge they should have been second to Ang Tanging Ina nyong Lahat. ^_^ You should watch it since I gave it 4 KUMAGS out of FIVE.



GagayMD said...

hello! happy monday! parking for a while here..hope to see u at mine! good day!

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Anonymous said...

I slept all through it. :D