Russia and Ukraine Reach Gas Deal

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, right, greets the Ukrainian Prime Minister who is in Moscow for talks aimed at restoring Russian natural gas supplies to Europe
Photo by Associated Press

With the millions of people suffering the coldest nights ever recorded in Europe, this is the agreement they have been waiting for. Amidst the charges pitted against each other, Russia and Ukraine had agreed to resume natural gas supplies as soon as possible. A welcome gesture from both sides play an optimistic role in the high tensioned countries in this side of the globe. The Prime Minister from Ukraine would be working on the papers set in this day's agreement so that the pipelines would now get fixed free from stealing parties in their side and a rate that is similar to one charged to them previously. This large 11-day halt in deliveries of gas piped across Ukraine had many families suffering from hypothermia. The hardships getting wood and fuel to temporarily ease their needs that only Russia are endless; and they are clamoring help from neighboring countries that can force the European Union to take actions. After signing on an agreement this Monday, analysts predict a slow turn of events for Ukraine because Russia's side are still not working on getting their people back for resumption of work. I hope everyone takes a look at this because poor countries mostly in Eastern Europe only have natural gas used for their heaters. This is a necessity for every household and no one is getting help yet so making sure everything's back to normal is highly needed. Europe gets about 20 percent of its gas needs from Russia via Ukraine's sprawling pipeline network, but Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria and Slovakia are totally dependent on Russian gas. They and the businesses in their country are rationing the power already. This is hurting their economy and the people too much.

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