Ted Murphy on Twitter

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've seen Ted Murphy a couple of times in the pages of his corporate websites and IZEA. I was asking my self also if he would actually have the finances of getting me into the US so I could ride with other web masters to the Manta Ray Ride he was bragging about on his site. I would probably enjoy that you know!

As popular as my site seems its still not as significant as what Ted's followers could hope for. I don't really have that much groupies that I could have wanted in a snap. Aside from that, I kinda shy away from things that would be detrimental to both my online and real life persona. You know how it works in cyberspace.

In the efforts of getting more people acquainted in the community, Ted Murphy just launched his profile on TWITTER and is urging everyone to go on the site, ask questions and get the answers you need. I hope some way, some day, I get to see him too. To see celebrities and CEO's of major corporations and have them answer one liners for you assures that they stay human. Its ted on twitter so don't forget that!


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