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Thursday, January 08, 2009


The World Wide Web has its flood gates open to thousands and thousands of web hosting companies. These are the guys you go to in order for your name to exist in the Internet. I recommend service providers to my cyberspace friends and family since I am the local version of geek squad. Routers, Wired and Wireless Devices, Internet Service Providers, Domain Name Servers are all but second language to me so where else should they turn to? One good thing lead to another in my site so I'm spreading the news and let them have the convenience I got from purchasing my own domain.

Today's online services can get you limitless ways to customize your website and add in widgets that would grab the attention of your chosen audience. Since I have a more personal site, my experience and day to day struggles are all out in the public. My musings of self expression has never stopped since day one. This is much of an outlet where other people can tell their own version of the story. It makes you understand how powerful the Internet is. If you plan to get acquainted with what's happening with the rest of the world, you need to be online.

When I was looking for a web host a year ago, I was asking local Internet Service Providers about it. They dealt with me with standard bills that reached a couple of thousand pesos just for maintenance. They did not even have single software to use so I could easily customize my site. I knew right from that start what I want so I went ahead and applied for go daddy. There are similar packages available at http://www.hosting-review.com/ and the site recommends other excellent web hosting providers that can match your need.

With their services at around a couple of hundred pesos (a few dollars), you can have your own domain and have them host it too. No other Domain Name Service configurations needed to start your own site. This was the best package I could get at that time when I started this all and I never looked back. My site and its success relied on the web host for its logistics. I plan to put up another one because there's still is a lot of work to do. I need to improve it, but I’m quite sure they won't be going down anytime soon. That's what I learned from their site, you can't tell anything just by looking at their prices. You need something more that that so they let you understand unbiased, valuable content in their site and reviews. If you want plain English, with no sugarcoating of anything under the sun, you should take a look at Web Hosting Reviews. You won’t regret it young web master!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the greetings and for dropping by my blog.
btw, ang kumagcow ba, ang madcow at ang bulalacow eh magkamag-anak? God bless!

utoysaves said...

thanks for the greetings and for dropping by my blog.
btw, ang kumagcow ba, ang madcow at ang bulalacow eh magkamag-anak? God bless!