The End to my ASUS X80N Nightmare

Friday, January 16, 2009

This is the first article that I'm writing in my new laptop computer. Thanks to my good friend MC for getting me this great deal. I had so many things in mind one day and I had extra money to buy myself a gift. I was choosing between purchasing a laptop computer and getting myself a Nikon Professional Camera. When I was thinking at that time, the opportunity just popped up in my phone. Was it fate? was it destiny? That is the question.

I was throwing myself in between purchasing a fancy one (which would probably be in a different color or shape) or maybe POWER with the classic black that everybody else has. As you can see I conformed to the normal people and maybe I'd regret this soon... but you know, I don't think I'll have problems like that soon.

I got this laptop yesterday and consequently I only had about an hour of sleep because of the logistics that went into purchasing this selfish gift. The deal was, it was not working right at first. Good thing another friend RJ stopped by and helped formatting the laptop since I didn't have software to do it myself when I could. It was impossible to squeeze in the effort for me to do that since I had tons of work at the office; and blogging has taken me a lil busy too. But that part was enjoyable. I didn't know I'd be having nightmares the day after. There was this annoying error in the Device Manager that haunted us for a few hours yesterday. The card was unrecognizable because it was denoted as an unknown device. I downloaded every damn driver there was at ASUS'S technical support site with that X80N model but as sure as everyone else, it did not work at all. If I wasn't too techie or bright I wouldn't have read and googled other blogs. One particular site of a young lady who had the same laptop that I had EXACTLY HAD THE SAME PROBLEM. So I did read her article and checked what she did differently that I didn't probably do. Good thing she was recommending one thing that was different in the ASUS knowledge base... she tried on an A8N driver model. WHAT?! All the hours and all the hardship I went through was all because ASUS did not indicate I had to use drivers of a different model! O_O Imagine that lip service they have all over their website. Now after all that nightmare, my laptop's working great. Thanks to I owe her BIGTIME! Thanks to RJAY too he did a lot! ^_^ Thank God for friends! ^_^


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