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Friday, January 09, 2009

Times are hard. I am not speaking of the US recession but that is always going to be a huge part of it. People need to think about their future now so they won' take these lightly. We need to make things work even if we are on a tight budget.

I'm not alone in this problem. You think single guys like me would never have Waterloos with money since I'm not spending for a family. You are wrong, really wrong. I like any other bachelor must have his cake and eat it too. I work hard 5 days a week and the time I only unwind is weekends. I get to instances where I spend too much on things like dating, shopping and food. You know how it is expensive to go out these days. A movie costs around 200 pesos just for single viewing not to mention popcorn and sodas for that. My wife of 7 months lives like a queen for me. I really don't want her to spend something just to go out with me. Its not machismo or pride, I just feel its wrong to get her spending when I'm the one who invited her to go out. I would hate if she would one day say I haven't been the perfect gentleman of course.

I don't think about spending too much since I am in cloud 9 most of the time. I guess that's why people tell me I am a little extravagant. Since its time to tighten my belt literally and figuratively, I would need a solution to get me on track to financial stability. A budget software for automating computation of my finances and credits would be really nice to have. I heard a concept called Y.NA.B. from http://www.youneedabudget.com which employs everything in a software, this recently had excellent reviews. So I went ahead and read about it there. A 60 day risk free trial is evidently attractive to anyone who wants to easily get things done using this modern system. I would try it so why should you not be a part of the change you need. Now you can organize your spending and have a system in place in a snap that's world class and proven effective. Have you ever heard a personal budget software ever do that?


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