William and Harry set up own Office

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Royal Hunks and their Paps! (^^,)

I'm glad that these two Royal kids have moved out of the palace and set up their own offices in London. William and harry were just given their own royal household by their granny, Queen Elizabeth II. It's not a PHYSICAL house per ce but they now have their own set of support staff for royal family members in their public duties and private lives. They will now set their own set of rules in their own respective offices. William and Harry will share one house with three main members. Sir David Manning, the former British ambassador to the US will be part-time adviser to the princes.

They also have their own Cyphers or logos at the top of their houses too. Their like logos of their own, Harry's logo looks like a medieval H and is color BLUE. Very very similar to his Mum Diana's Cypher. William on the other hand looks like Charles' and the Queen's Cypher which is color red. They now will stay at St. James's Palace to look after their public, military and charitable activities which they have been doing for the past sumthin sumthin years!

If they get their own place, do they get to have their own girls too?! Hahahaah!


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