Winning Money at Home!

Friday, January 09, 2009

I play slots a lot and in the recent Company Christmas Party and I was lucky enough to win several thousand worth of chips and consequently win a prize. Not that I am a beginner to the trade but I have played it a couple of times at local establishments without blinking an eye because I just never lost yet.

I'm beginning to understand that I may have a niche for this particular game and am planning to venture out on bigger deals this year. Maybe if all plans push through this year, I'd be able to migrate to London. My brother stays in Ireland which is a short train ride from where I plan to stay so it seems everything is falling into place. I know how expensive it maybe to live there but I surely won't miss the chance to play uk slots if time permits.

I just struck gold though this morning when I was site hopping because I saw online slot machines and online slot games at Now I don't have to travel 20,000 miles anymore just to get the chance to play the most prestigious games the world has seen. I'll have to get to them once I take a break from my keyboard. It's just nice to know where to go now at the comfort of my own home.


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