Kelly Rowland Splits from Beyonce's Father-Manager

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kelly Rowland is one fine woman!

Kelly Rowland, a popular member of the hot group Destiny's Child called it quits with Beyonce Knowles' father that managed their careers all these years. The settlement and the talks were amicable and they both have signified that Kelly would always be a part of their family. They even were part of the people who raised her since she was part of the group since the very beginning.

She's an excellent singer and I would like to also see her performing like Beyonce sometime soon. I guess she has not been given that much breaks much like Beyonce has these days. I remember the BOO song she sang with Nelly that sky rocketed to number one in almost all the charts around the world. She also had a song called Stole which I absolutely love. There was no mention on who will be managing her after this.

Michelle on the other hand is missing in action as usual, I hope she gets what she deserves too since I very much like her voice because its soooo unique. Maybe sometime soon, they'll all be stars on their own right and have a reunion concert of some sort just like the eraserheads. That would be just fun if the did another world tour and possible have Manila as one of their venues.


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