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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have long been a fan of Japanese Animation. Even way back in high school, I remember going to Green hills Shopping Center and buying beta max tapes so I could watch numerous episodes of Dragon Ball Z. From the time GOKU was a kid until everybody else in the cast was around, I never missed a single episode. I watched each saga unfold until the other episodes came out and got watched in free TV today. I was really ahead of everybody even if those which I watched were all in Japanese. I learned a few verses and phrases which made me take even a couple of lessons in the language. It never really left me because I still watch them until now and I enjoy every bit of it.

Today it’s just not about GOKU anymore or his adventures, there are a lot of Japanese anime titles that came out to compete with the best that TOEI Animation has released. I am now a big follower of the NARUTO series. The latest one shown in Japan talks about them finding the hideout of the infamous villain OROCHIMARU and plans to flush him out are on the way. There are several minions of him that have more powerful GENJUTSU’S and are plotting attacks versus the hidden leaf village called KONOHA. The plot thickens as each episode is released; I really am excited to watch more of this together with my other favorites like EYESHIELD21, HUNTER X HUNTER, BLEACH, INU YASHA, and HAJIME NO IPPO.

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