Be the next XML Superstar!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The bloodiest most turbulent digital age is far from over as competition gets fierce in this year’s search for the XML Superstar!

This programming contest has been continuously finding talents around the world and this time it’s the ASEAN XML Superstar they are looking for. XML is Extensible Markup Language and this is nothing complicated for software and web developers like me. If you plan to start and educate yourself in this particular field, this is your time to shine.

With DB2 and its powerful methodology, you can participate in various contests that their site offers. Sign up now in their Video Contest that only requires your ingenious skills XML, XQUERY or DB2. Grab a camcorder and start filming yourself while doing it! They also have Gadget contests that you can join by making useful and original widgets using DB2. You may try other ones like the Query contest that makes use of XQUERY to find 5 answers. The best one will get to win fabulous prizes! Don’t forget the Ported Application and XML2 Contests too that makes use of DB2 which you can join individually or grab your friends to form a team.

Remember there are 5 contests to choose from and the opportunities to be the best one in the region is here. All you’ve got to do now is press those buttons to fill up a form, answer a short quiz that requires no preceding XML or database know-how to complete. This contest was made for students, faculty members as well as professional developers to increase awareness and familiarity with XQUERY, XML and DB2. It's just that easy! I already have plans of my own to join! So why be left behind!?


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