The Importance of Insurance

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I was at the gym yesterday and getting back to my old routine of lifting weights, running 2 hours and sweating off what I ate from the Christmas and New Year feasts. While I was around my second set, I decided to go back to my locker and check my phone for text messages. I powered it back up and got surprised my phone was ringing, it was my sister calling and I wondered why. I was telling myself what it could be that would force her to call me this early. This is not a regular thing, when I talked to her she was already screaming and asking me to go back home. Our house was on fire.

Shocked and awed by that, I immediately packed my bag and ran out. Grabbed the first cab I could hail and asked the driver to kindly get me to our house as fast as possible. He stepped on it and within 20 minutes, I saw flames and smoke from afar. Something was burning at the back of our house. Fire Trucks immediately came in and swept the fire out in a few minutes. Fire was out, but all I could see was a burned third floor of our neighbor’s house. There was no wind at that time; thank God it did not reach us at all.

My family was safe and so was our house, but our next door neighbors was not that lucky at all. I was thinking where we could have been if it was windy that day. What would happen to my family if our house burned down? We did not have motorcycle insurance, insurance for the house, the car and even some of my family members. We could have lost everything in a few minutes and suffered a lifetime if that fire dealt with us.

It’s now a priority for me and my family to sit down and talk. We need to take care of our lives and our property. We need insurance from those who we can trust even at these times where there is an economic crisis. Good thing there is that we can easily call and go to ask about it. They have the best deals and an excellent customer experience! They really know what they are talking about, so why don’t you start thinking about your family’s safety and call them right now. It’s something you wouldn’t regret!


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