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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hey guys! I’ll let you in on this one. I got the chance to check out http://www.moviesplanet.com this evening and found out some of the best films that online users rank as their favorite. I was not surprised because apparently they have the same taste as I do!

The best ones perhaps are obvious; The Lord of the Rings sequels is on top because a lot of people are fond of these periodic/fantasy based stories. The book itself was a best seller so why shouldn’t the movie do the same? I don’t know if it was part of Oprah’s Book Club but that really went skyrocketing in the box office. The Return of the King was my favorite too because of that very nostalgic scene where the White Wizard went back for a vengeance on the kingdom. The entire king’s horses and all the king’s men were there not just for the magic and might; the story was grand and the execution of the movie from book to the silver screen was great. Obviously millions watched it already and the producers have earned a lot from it too. I bought several copies of that because some of my friends took mine, it’s that nice believe me! I too am part of its followers, not to mention the Harry Potter series as well. These are the top movies.

I don’t know about the popular tv shows on their list though because most of them are just not my type. To tell you the truth I love the show “Gilmore Girls”, not because of the fine women they have on the show but because they talk fast and they are all witty to begin with. Their lines are so effective and I can’t contain myself to try and learn how to talk the same way. If I had a syndicated show, it will probably be on that level. Some sort of a high IQ high verbal talk in everyday life would be nice. I still love the Simpson’s and Bart though which is part of that.

Heath Ledger just won best supporting actor a while ago, the Golden Globes is definitely right in doing so. His acting skill as the Joker was incomparable. I felt afraid with his character really; to think he already passed away when these were shown. That made huge waves across Hollywood and it was good critics did not fail to recognize it. The life he had and its ending was tragic. This particular recognition says what he is all in all and he’s not just one of those famous actors, he’s one of the best!


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