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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well, I am one of you guys who now adore the next Youtube sensation Rin and the Rox. They're another set of Pinays that are currently in the west coast who got invited in Ellen De Generes' show. It's funny because they do the same thing that I do... sing in my bathroom. ^_^ Don't you think we've all wasted our time singing in the shower? It's a great thing these girls had their break and probably they will be getting a huge following hereon. Maybe sometime soon, they'll also get to visit Manila.

Don't worry too much about me because I won't probably be showing my own videos in the shower. Hahaha! That would be just a big NIGHTMARE! hahahah....

I don't think they have an exact date yet when they are going to Ellen's show but I'm sure I'll watch it. Bad thing we don't have TIVO here so I can catch it anytime I want to... but it's okay, I'm sure I can get it from the same place they were discovered. Thank Gad for YOUTUBE!

Ellen here just asked them to come on the show! ^_^

Here's their version of HALO by Beyonce

And here's their version of Brandy's Departed (Right here)


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Anonymous said...

An update on Rin on the Rox:

Rin on the Rox's first single "Torture" is now available on iTunes! Their YouTube fans are loving it!

Their home-made music video for "Torture" is on YouTube (www.youtube.com/hiphoprinrox)

Erin and Roxanne have also been busy developing their website (www.rinontherox.net) which has pics, bios, faqs, video links, and t-shirts for sale.

Rin on the Rox recently performed at San Francisco State University and will be performing again on April 18th at Stanford University.

Their hope is to raise enough money from the sale of the "Torture" single and t-shirts that they will be able to afford to record a whole album.

They are depending on the FANS to spread the word about Rin on the Rox. So please keep the BUZZ going!