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Monday, January 19, 2009

Okay, as long as you guys don't have harsh reactions like you did last time I'm going to tell you now what conspired last Sunday when I went out with friends from college.

Geeze, it has been a long time... Mela just came from Singapore and we were all busy with our own lives. I went out Saturday and went home around 4am so I was dead tired. I almost forgot that I had a lunch date with my college friends Sunday afternoon. You know, it was a lil hard for me coz I had to go to office at around 9pm that night. I hailed a cab and went to seem em.. coz 1.) I miss em a lot and 2.) They miss me too ^_^

At Trinoma Mall, some of em got lost would you believe that?! haha... I on the other hand knew my way around things... I even saw Hershey standing in front of the entrance so I grabbed her... We went to Giligan's and saw Kat, Mel, , Dex, Obsum and his wife there already. Bhing was there too with her kid... MG we had so much stories to share in so little time. So we waited a few minutes for the other lost ones to arrive LOLZ and we ordered a lot of food obviously... I think the food was for 16 people and we were around ahmmm.... basta marami kami hehehe

So there we were having our drinks and all that yummy food. It was a long wait time though (so Giligans make sure you serve us faster next time alright?) but the food all in all was nice. I didn't like the seafood coz I can't eat that anymore.... allergy! I'm on a strict no rice diet too so that was a little troublesome to do when there were lotsa food to look at! O_O

My best Arvie and my sis Lisa arrived with my cute lil god-daughter Arianne. Awe! It was nice to see her there but I could've wanted to see AJ too heheh... I love em kids... Love Arvie and Lisa too ^_^ It's like they are my own kids too so I kinda miss em a lot... I was happy Arianne looks like Lisa more than her dad hahaha... PIZ!

Kat got her hands healed already from the boxing match she had with Pacquiao. Mela was so gracious she even paid for everything (kakahiya tuloy (-_-)" ) and she put on a lil weight (just like me hehe) then Hershey was still single obviously hehe so if anyone would like to apply as her boyfriend just let me know ^_^ I soo miss em a lot... I plan to see mela in Singapore sometime soon. Maybe if I fix everything in the office I'll have time to roam around spicy Sing. Ger and Len had plans to get married but Ger doesn't want to set a date yet hehehe PRESSURE tol!

Bhing had her kid with her grabe the kids were all cute! ^_^ I plan to have mine soon hahaha... sooooooon! Obsum and his wife was there, he obviously cracked everybody up! Same old Obsum huh?!

Dex, Bernal, Arvie and me plan to go to the Eraserheads concert this March 7 which will be held in MOA. I heard tickets sell for like 1,300 if I'm not mistaken. I hope this time there won't be anymore CONIOS in front that spelled TRYING HARD to be fans of EHEADS for god's sake! If I see another one I'm sure to hit and punch them when I can ^_^ I'm so excited to see em there! I was happy we got to have some pictures taken too... after the Infinite Pulcer disbanded hahaha you know how long that was ahahahah

Edwin and his wife arrived late but we had time for coffee and tea and cakes after all that pigging out at lunch. I had blueberry cheesecake which I kinda miss too since I've been eating a lot of starbucks these holidays to get 2 of my planners ^_^ We did chat a little and its good to know they'll be having a baby girl come March! ^_^ He's got a lot of things ahead of him, I'll be automatically a godfather to that as well. ^_^ so happy for em!

We ended the day in SM coz everyone had somewhere to go. I didn't get sleep that day and I got to go back to the office. Tons of paperwork and a lil maintenance of the project. After that, I went home and didn't go to the gym anymore. AYOKO MAG COLLAPSE! I did not get enough sleep nga eh!

All in all, I was tired but I was happy to see my friends again. I hope I could say the same with my high school friends too... but that's another story. ^_^

Special Thanks to Carmela who picked up the tab! ANG YAMAN NAMAN! ahahahah ^_^


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