Alabang Boys Petition

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Drugs are Bad!
Photo by Comedy Central/South Park

The petition of the family of the infamous Alabang Boys was raffled again by the Philippine Court Appeals. The Magistrates of the Court alloted another one for the petition of Habeas Corpus that the family placed in their hands.

In the said re-raffle for the said case, the petition went to Associate Justice Monina Senarosa of the Court of Appeal's 13th Division and will post the ruling for the said very controversial case. Together with Associate Justice Monina Senarosa is Associate Justice Amelita Tolentino and Ramon Garcia. They will be handling this case from hereon since in the first raffled case that went to Associate Justice Juan Enriquez was dealt with inhibition because of unknown reasons. He might have been not comfortable handling this case of so called rich drug ridden boys. Manila, Makati and Quezon City has been problematic of drugs. It has made the Philippines the most drug abusive country in Asia. PDEA chief to 'Alabang Boys' camp: Let public be the judge. Now people have been calling for the Death Penalty to be set back!


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