Harry Potter Accident

Friday, January 30, 2009

Here's a picture of some of my well known friends! ^_^

A stunt double of Harry Potter series star Daniel Radcliffe had an accident while filming the sequel "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". While filming, the scene was all about a huge explosion so the guy was in a harness strapped and all but once it exploded he got caught in it then hit the ground really hard. When the scene was over he was not moving, and the only thing he said after that was "He can't feel his legs!". Oh my how sad (-_-)"

What's even bad is that it was only a practice run for the stun in their studios. They confirmed that this actually occurred but out of respect for the stuntman and his family they are not allowed to tell anything about it further. I wonder if this really is the last one to be filmed because apparently JK Rowling stopped writing the Harry Potter series. I also remember the time she said "You are so confident that Harry's not gonna die huh?!" which would normally mean he will. Anyway, I just hope that guy gets better because otherwise the movie would be dedicated to him. Treatment they say will last a couple of months. Daniel Radcliffe and their team refuse to comment. Because I did not interview them hahaha...

Good luck!



Anonymous said...

Oooh... That's bad.. I hope he gets well soon..

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Cashmere said...

Oooh... That's bad.. I hope he gets well soon..