Amazing Race Season 14

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I don't really know what season it is in the US but according to the article I read this is the 13th one. Although its weird because the article describe the contestants which have the photos all over the site linked to CBS. So probably the people who won it are the ones in the last episode indicated on it. Is it the 13th or 14th one that we have to watch on February? hmmm that's probably a different one I suppose right? because if they did that then nobody would probably watch the show anymore heheh.

Hmm... yeah...ok I saw it i saw it... ^_^ Look at this and I quote "11 two-person teams racing for the $1 million prize in the upcoming 14th season" so its probably the 14th one we're seeing come February. I am a follower of this one obviously, together with the asian Amazing Race too. At least we had Rovilson and Mark entertaining people hehehh... and they are rich already I think??? But what I mostly love about what they were doing was the tandem itself... the talks in between were hilarious... and of course girls go gaga with them too. I just was glad Tisha and Geoff were in Season 3, but didn't like the fights between them obviously.

I on the other hand would like to join some day... but not now coz I have tons of reports to finish hahahahah!


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