Virtual Private Servers That Costs Less!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Virtual Private Servers as we all know costs a lot these days and the maintenance of websites are just the same. We can never alienate the fact that we need virtual dedicated servers so we can control what content we have in our own websites. I was lucky enough that mine had its management done by the hosting site and it costs a little more than the usual. Today, there are better offers that can beat the $10 mark, and they also pitch in a couple of things so you won't just get the freebies but everything including easy to use software that can be used by novices like me.

The cheapest ones priced at around 1 UK Pound is worth every penny as far as size and performance is concerned. You can find better deals in and outside the country but remember these are all online and the websites you maintain will experience minimal or no downtime. So if you know VPS, you know who to go to. Imagine that! These things that are available to webmasters like me now, this surely will make my life easier!


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Anonymous said... is a Philippines-based VPS provider and they are priced in pesos - cheaper since its not in dollars and tech support is local. The servers are housed at ePLDT/Vitro Data Center in Pasig and the latency is really low. Try them and it could be what your looking for. Thanks.