Firework Accidents Down 25% says DOH

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Despite campaigns and warnings from the government, hard headed pinoys still go out and do their own thing. When would they ever learn!

The Department of Health in the Philippines issued reports this evening that incidents of firework accidents went down 25 percent this year. These are good figures and I think the rain and drizzles around the metro contributed to these figures by the National Epidemiology Center of the same department. Upto 346 firecracker related injuries were only reported. This is the lowest it has become in this decade.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque said that the rain showers contributed a lot aside from the rigorous campaign their office made before the celebrations. The global financial crisis was also to blame for the smart spending of people he added. They however are still in their Code White alert on government and private hospitals until January 5 this year because they expect victims to arrive even after the new year's eve. 241 got tolerable minor wounds, 18 had their limbs severed while 76 had their eyes stricken.

The dreaded piccolo was still at the head of the pack followed by rockets, five star, light sticks, whistle bombs and about 9 people were reportedly hit by stray bullets according to local police. How I wish Filipinos would stop buying them and resort to more spectacular fireworks in malls and other nice venues. That would be much better! I hope we get 0 victims in a couple of years.


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