Milet Mendoza's Interview with Radio Veritas

Friday, January 23, 2009

Milet Mendoza and Espie Hupida
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just had dinner with my Aunt Milet Mendoza and had a small chat about her interview in Radio Veritas, a local Christian radio in the Philippines. I’ve got this file uploaded on a third party website and I hope Christians and Muslims learn a lot from her experience while in captivity of her kidnappers the ABU SAYYAF.

The zip file contains 5 mp3 audio files of the show.

There’s a lot of humanitarian work done in Mindanao but regardless of the culture differences in the regions of the Philippines, the kidnapping should stop. Government should do their share in helping the less fortunate regions in the Philippines. If you take into mind what she has experienced, you’ll surely learn a lot from it like I did. She would like to sincerely thank everyone who prayed for her safety, to people who visited my blog in the past few months. She’s free now and back with her family. Thank God!


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Anonymous said...

Hi, i am your aunts old friend---can noy believed what happened to her --please tell cherry mendoza from rd 22 is trying to contact her my email address is

best regards.