Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Watch the movie AUSTRALIA, I highly recommend it!

I watched the movie Australia a while ago with my friends. Overall, I find the movie nice. Not that outstanding because of the ugly computer graphics every now and then. I kind of know how those parts work so don’t tell me I shouldn’t tell you about that hahah.

Hugh Jackman was surprisingly tamed in this role as a local. Well, not that tamed actually but it’s a far cry from being Wolverine if you know what I mean. Nicole Kidman on the other hand is beautiful as ever. I kinda fancy the part where she was looking majestically at the hopping kangaroos… until the aborigine shot it hahahah!

It was an epic romantic adventure. Nicole inherited land Hugh Jackman was a local DRAHVER which is some sort of a driver thingy there, where the conflict was some characters were trying to take her land by making it look like it’s already bankrupt. All they needed to do was to transport a couple a hundred bulls/cows in order to earn more than what they could ask for. Nicole asked Hugh to get them cows to Darwin so the military could purchase it and for her to recover from all her losses and earn from it too. She embarked on an impossible journey on the Australian outback and survived it all. Some died along the way, and this miraculous boy who would eventually be the story line even stopped a herd of cows from falling off a cliff with magic heheh… would you believe that huh?!

When they got to Darwin and sold the cows, everyone was happy except David Wenham’s character Neil Fletcher who understandably was the antagonist company’s boy. Lady Sarah Ashley won the contract and Fletcher got what he deserves in the end. The kid played by Brandon Walters as Nullah in the movie was the CREAM boy (some sort of mixed race between a Caucasian and a Native Aborigine of Australia) but in the end they later learned that the boy’s father all along was Fletcher. He almost killed him btw.

World War 2 struck that place and got everything bombed. The Japanese almost killed Nullah and Lady Ashley. They reunited in the end and almost got killed by Fletcher, good thing Fletcher’s Grandfather King George (a native aborigine) got there in time and shot a spear through Fletcher. He died after that and everybody else was happy. So they got their land, Nullah went with his Grandfather and Hugh and Lady Ashley ended up together. I enjoyed the movie a lot and recommend you watch it even if there were not that much people in the theater. I give it 4 KUMAGS!


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