It's a Season of Splitsville: Katy Perry and Beau McCoy

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm a big fan of Katy Perry. From the start of the L word season I've been trying to find out who sang that pop song they have while everyone's being tearjerky in the tube. A few MTV's later I found out about Katy Perry. I love her songs and the antics on her videos was great. Got them all even on my Playstation Portable Slim... and enjoying her vids every time I workout in the gym and walk myself home.

In not so good news, she and her real life boyfriend Beau just broke up and she apparently couldn't move on. Now all her songs kept real with her and showed how hurt she is until now. She admits that she did not move on yet with that horrible break up. Unlike other singers, performers and movie stars... she admits this case. Beau McCoy, the lead singer of Gym Class Heroes just called it quits just before New Year's Day after dating her for about a year. It's a good thing though because it looks like she's making way better songs now as I looked at it. I'll try to get you her videos here. Probably I kissed a girl and her Hot and Cold single. I'm sure to watch her shows here if she plans to put up a world tour! ^_^

Here it is enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

u should also put in the video of song "Thinking of you" here, i loved that song way before the clip came about, she's really brilliant in the lyrics that she solely wrote herself... ooh yeah i'd prefer the 2nd version of the clip... tell me what do u think?