Toys for the Big Boys

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

This is a big secret that I will tell you, I was skinny and dark when I was kid. Don’t laugh at me now okay? I just played a lot in the streets, out on the scorching sun because I enjoyed being with friends at that era. I was even called names because of that. But all in all, I really loved my childhood. I can tell I was never a dull boy.

Everyone recognized me, even the folks of my playmates. We didn’t have any formal playground at that time. We just drew things on the pavement, rolled marbles on the afternoon soil and went home filthy. I know my Mom was mad every time she saw me go home stinky ha-ha! But that was just me and I still clean up nicely after all that. Being the good looking boy that I was (as the title indicates on my site) at that time was a little hard because it meant I had to go to adult occasions like weddings and programs so they have someone to look forward to when the time comes I need to make everyone laugh. I even had some short stints in TV shows and acting workshops but I wouldn’t brag about that now because it’s just too old.

There would be some times that I enjoyed staying at home playing alone. Not that I had a world of my own and became a special child, but I had plenty of toys I could spend time with. Cars, Trucks and gaming consoles were some of the best things I had when I was a kid. I had it all figured out what story to tell and role I’d play when that was the only thing I could do when my parents are out working. I had some of the best times of my life doing that. The toys were just like treasures for me; they were the ones that kept me sane the whole time. Those were really memorable for me because it did something that made me who I am today. Toys today are now made with the thought of making a kid’s interest grow. It has evolved to a whole new level and things like these could hone the interest of your child. Like this one for example, it can bring the music in your child’s life.

These are called MAG NEXT toys, which can start developing your child’s mind early. This can get your kid into music, they are called Smart Builders. Wouldn’t you like to have your child the advantage? You know what to do about it now that you read what I’ve experienced. The benefits are enormous!



Anonymous said...

nice article and nice toy! yeah would like to have one for my baby. :-) care to sponsor? lol

evao said...

Interesting read and a great toys to get the kids imagination and talents going!!

evao said...

Interesting read and a great toys to get the kids imagination and talents going!!