Monday, March 27, 2023

People have definitely fascinated with the lives of Baninay Bautista and Bont Bryan Oropel on YouTube. With almost 4 Million subscribers on the platform, they've continued to delight the public and their subscribers especially those invested about their relationship. They're going to take it up a notch this year as they start a full on YouTube reality series called "TEAM LOVE: THE REALITY" premiering this April 1st on their respective YouTube channels.

As you may know, theirs ain't a perfect relationship. They've been on an off in different times, and you'll see this raw on the show. They will include several important people from their families, and also several celebrity friends (which they will divulge later). This event was attended by over 100 YouTubers, influencers, friends and family (and media people). 

We watched the first episode, and surely, it was so surprising that they didn't leave out the stressful fights and personal moments which might be very interesting for some.

We got to interview them before the screening and here's what transpired on video:



This will be 6 episodes that will be released in the consecutive Sundays after April 1st, so make sure you subscribe to their channels and see what's happening with TEAM LOVE in front and behind the scenes.


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