Asterra Set to Build More Homes in the PH

Friday, March 24, 2023

Millenials preferrecd home of choice has been condominium units. It's something that has been seen as less hassle to maintain, especially if you're always out of town or the country and worry about security. It makes total sense especially for young able bodies folks to see the world of course, and good thing there are affordable ones in different cities, even if they are property investments.

It can also be passed on to next of kin or family quite easy than to think more of land and paperwork that comes with it. A Vista Land project called Asterra has been increasing in demand for those thinking about their future, OFW's and the young working class need something that would get themselves additional income by renting it out, or having arrangements in the property. Needless to say, they're amping up the tempo in building even more projects set in over 20 cities/municipalities elsewhere in the Philippines.

Asterra homes are modern, suburban, very habitable and perfect for starting a family, or become an investment. As Ms. Armela Ruiz, the Asterra Division Head for South Luzon says "We're going to have Asterra in premier locations in different regions of the country. We've worked hard to make them the condo of their dreams and facilities that have sense like basketball courts, multipurpose halls, and can be used by family or unit owners if there's an occasion. These are well designed, mid rise structures that are only 4-7 floors and have access to shops, churches, transportation as it is well planned. All of these have been arranged with ample security, so people who live in it have less to worry about when they leave their homes.  

There are also plans to have house and lot developments so make sure you stay tuned to Asterra's social channels (by searching AsterraOfficial) or their website for more details. Announcements of locations will be rolled out soon and can be seen in the same means, go live in an Asterra today!


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