GCash Announces 10 New Groundbreaking Tech for the App

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Had a lot of fun over at the GCash #GCashFutureCast event at Whitespace in Makati. GCash CEO Martha Sazon says "I'm excited to see you all live and seeing you all feels very special. Are you excited? We'll be telling you a few groundbreaking things, to where we are bringing Fintech for all Filipinos. Financial inclusion is a right, we empowered you all in your everyday purchases, to adapt to a new behavior, so thank you for your trust. We are a companion to 70 percent Filipinos, merchants, OFW's, and has become part of your digital lifestyle. This is part of our customers needs. We are now a consumer app bringing innovation for good, helping Filipinos giving access to those who needed it most. We are the first and only duacorn in the country, and one of the few profitable fintechs in the world, especially Asia. I don't wanna brag, we are 6x more than the next finance app. Our journey is far from over, we want to win every Filipino whenever and wherever they are, to make everyday lives better. To be future-ready so you get finance for all!"

Chief Tech Officer Pebbles Sy says "We believe financial inclusion addresses barriers, and we put customers in the forefront. We want you to be safer and MORE secure. Beyond enabling you with GSave, we brought G Crypto, do GScore, serve Filipinos here and around the world. We also have G Overseas, and two things, security is out priority. Despite our measures, 1 in 2 Million users are being affected, so we stepped up our efforts with GCash Doublesafe. Only you can access your GCash account when it's shared, this is another layer of security when you manage the account. 

Michelle Fernandez who heads Digital Experience says "We spent a lot of time thinking of what you need, we think about what you use everyday. Most often than not, it's sending money. Previously it would take a transaction 11 steps, now you can skip saving those screenshots in your app. We're introducing GChat, so you can message anyone inside the app. All those receipts will be generated in the chat with you, you don't have to have phone storage to save you, all the right messages to the right people. Online receipts are available, you can even chat with merchants, this is where we will send messages and communication, simple and made just for you. This will revolutionize the way you manage your wealth."

Darwin Sy Su the head of Wealth  Management says "According the BSP, there are only 1% of the population that are part of the stock market. Problems lie in the fact that there are tons of paperwork, tons of steps, and need to open a bank account. You need multiple platforms, no one stop shop, you can't do it on break, while at work or on your phone... Plus it's very intimidating, seen as a thing for rich people. In the past, you need 25K to own one, but now it's easy and accessible with the new GSTOCKS PH. We made stock trading easy. It's now digital, seamless, no paperwork and easy. The screens on trading are easy to understand, easy to transfer money from your account to your wallet. Information about your investment and is powered by AB Capital. Now anyone can invest in over 280 companies listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. You don't need a bank account, just top up for FREE, then WITHDRAW FREE in three steps. Buying stocks is also easy by tapping on the stock, indicate the number of stocks you want to buy or sell then place the order. We will be there with you every step of the way, we will have education about it on board if you are just beginning. This is an exciting era of trading through GStocks PH. Now you can do right investments, to help you achieve financial freedom."

Winsley Bangit Head of New Businesses say "During the pandemic, online shopping was an all time high for it's flexibility and convenience. Every budol sparks joy, but we do know there are dangers and risks in these transactions. Insurance has always been expensive, too complex and difficult to sign up, but now you can worry no more with GInsure powered by CHUBB. 60 days, 20K coverage, 34 pesos monthly. If sellers don't respond within 2 days and don't give a refund, this can protect you in your online deals. Everytime you make a transaction, just tick a box on insurance when you use the app. You can also track your claim upon approval of your documents, which usually takes 3 days. It's guaranteed to protect you minus the risk."

Mark Nunez of Crypto Partnerships tells us "PH is paving the way for web3 globally, 11 Million owns crypto and NFT's, we are 7th in the world. It can bridge generations by owning art. Now we have GCrypto. We are also giving you first dibs on Reen Barrera's NFT's."

Vincent Tio adds "It's complicated to understand Crypto, GCrypto makes it easy."

Kevin Yu the Product Head for GLoan says "A lot of you have been doing the same thing everyday. The world is increasingly connected and we are first in gaming, TV Content and 4th in data usage. GCash is making it more accessible through "BORROW LOAD". You now don't need to go to the store, now you can access it on the app, with 99 peso promos coming soon. You can subscribe and pay for it in 14 days, so you can get access if budget is tight."

"GGives on the other hand is a product where you can upgrade your life, with the power of zero. Zero credit cards, downpayment, additional documents, interest, you can live comfortably with a budget of 125K, up to 24 months installment if you purchase it with GGives."

Fe Olivia Mir of their Growth Marketing says "People have been on a revenge travel. There are transaction fees you tend to forget about and it could be costly. This time, we are introducing GCash Global Pay. You can pay with the GCash App with Alipay+ so you can pay without service fees in confirmed countries, and will expand soon! Another one is the GCash Card, you can use this with low service fees, access funds in a swipe, especially now with our new GCash Visa Card. With it, you can travel cashless when available. GCash will be there with you!"

GCash Overseas on the other hand is their remittance service. With over 36 Billion dollars sent to the PH, which is 4th highest in the world. Now with it, you can download the app with an app, it is easier and less expensive, free for GCash to GCash transactions. You can also pay for billers, you can also buy load on the GCash Overseas app and reguster using your international sim. This has been available in several countries since last month.

These are 10 groundbreaking developments in the Gcash app. If you are interested in availing their services, go download the Gcash app today!

Congratulations on these new milestones!


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