Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Mavx Productions has a gem in their hands as the Gerald Anderson and Kylie Padilla film called UNRAVEL is quite an interesting piece. This is their entry to the Summer Metro Manila Film Festival wherein they chose mental health as a topic which is pretty much a timely thing to discuss. 

It definitely is something new too because they also put in VAD (or Voluntary Assisted D3@th) which is legal in some countries, but really not allowed by law in others. It also is emotionally daunting to be in their position with the complexities of their personalities, their family situations and love. It didn't help that they had to qualify patients that would go through VAD because at the end of the day, they were dealing with lives of people.

Kylie plays the role of Lucy who has been suffering from clinical depression then decides to fly to  another country where it is permitted in the hopes of doing VAD. Gerald Anderson on the other hand plays Noah who in all circumstances would want to keep her alive. 

Kylie says "I had a great time, in the beginning it was surreal. I put my trust in Mavx Productions and Direk. I was really afraid about the material because it was dark, I had anxiety attacks after reading the material, but I hope people who go through this see hope, to hopefully save more people. I was a fan of kimerald, I just had to concentrate on work in doing this film."

Gerald adds "She is a good representative for her home network and working with her was a breeze. As an actor, I haven't experienced doing this kind of material, I feel people should always be nice, we all have our journeys because Noah and Lucy had their own battles. Kylie was very professional, it made us shoot easily because she was a cowboy."

This is the first time that the Summer MMFF is happening and their entry  is also part of their celebration of Star Magic's 30th Anniversary. They have filmed this piece in Switzerland. It is certainly quite breathtaking to see. It's a perfect backdrop to any film, even if the topic of d3@th was a tad depressing, you can't help but marvel at how gorgeous the place is. Is it good to watch? Definitely. You'll learn something, you don't know who's suffering.

If you need mental help, Hopeline is available at 09175584673. Give them a call if you feel the need to.


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