Filipino Kids: Come Sing and Dance with "The Dadadoos"

Saturday, March 04, 2023

There certainly is a huge lack of children's shows in the Philippines. In the past, there's always something that you could watch on TV that teaches not just English, Math or Science, but Filipino custom + good manners which has honed a generation. This has taught them how to count, speak, learn a language and these days, there certainly a few online, but not a full show that does that in 2023.

The folks at FEAST Foundation knew it was time to come out with "The Dadadoos". It's a music and dance group aimed to entertain and teach more about culture, and Filipino values. Kids and Adults alike would be able to see episodes at the FEAST Foundation YouTube channel featuring 9 songs in their first season. Much of these will be based on Filipino nursery rhymes so if you do hear and see something familiar, it'll really be something you can bond on with your kids and whole family. 

This is one of the pet productions of FEAST Foundation and the late Shandii Bacolod+ which was conceptualized in 2020. Leading them in this project is Writer and Director Joseph Abello and auditions have been held twice in the same year. During the sessions, they asked the cast to learn a new dance, to see how fast they would be able to pick up the choreography. Aside from that, they needed to see if the cast had chemistry. It was then when they chose Yam Mercado, Iyo Canlas, Maxinne Ignacio, Fiona Sarte, John Arcenas and Vic Robinson to form the group. A special character called "Dada Diwata" will be performed by Rissey Reyes (who's a real deal Disney Princess in HK Disneyland).

There have been several delays in the creation of this show, including Ms. Bacolod's+ passing and actor schedules, but they pulled through. The show will be having their own theme song, something that you and your kids could pick up and enjoy. Aside from that, they will showcase a throng of favorite Filipino children songs like "Pakitong Kitong", "Penpen de Sarapen", among others. It'll surely be a grand time to see kids sing along and play tons of games which they will also do on the show.  This is officially their second project after doing the film "Call Me Papi" which stars Albie Casino, Enzo Pineda, Lharby Policarpio, Royce Cabrera and Aaron Concepcion. 

Here's Episode 1, they also released Episode 2 so make sure you go and subscribe and see them sing and dance on their YouTube Channel!

We also got word that they are working on their third one called "TALAHIB" that will be made by Director Alvin Yapan. This will be done by Joem Bascon, Gillian Vicencio, Kristof Garcia, Jess Mendoza, Dax Alejandro, Kate Alejandrino, Timothy Castillo, Yam Mercado and Iyo Canlas (the last two of whom are also part of The Dadadoos). They are also in the process of doing a modern day take of Florante at Laura. There's certainly more to look forward to in this production company, go follow FEAST Foundation's social channels, meanwhile make sure you subscribe first to the FEAST Foundation YouTube channel so you could watch "The Dadadoos" when more episodes come out!


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