Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Looks like talk has been running around town about an Escalade plated number 7 that's being used for personal golf and c@sin0 time that has been seen trooping EDSA's bus lane reserved for carousel vehicles. Mind you, there's an Administrative Order 239 that bars ALL government vehicles to be used other than in official business. This is certainly alarming. 

This person who is using it they say doesn't even have a government post, but a Dad of one, of whom is also allegedly known for destroying natural resources and not even sure if he's Filipino or not. Rumor says, he's even allegedly still facing a lawsuit about his citizenship, which follows a lot of questions about his lifestyle and motives.

We have heard of people doing this, but is this on another level of abuse? No remorse or abuse of power? You be the judge!


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