The GCash Story Told at MWC in Barcelona

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

GCash took the spotlight at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain as they talked about "New Behavior for a New Reality". Telling the story of the e-wallet giant was Ms. Martha Sazon the President and CEO of GCash. Together with her was Tjodolf Sommestad the President of King (of Candy Crush came) and Lauren Kunze the CEO of Iconiq (Pandorabots and AI), whilst the session was moderated by Ralph Simon the Founder and CEO of Mobilium.

Rowie Zamora the CSO of GCash says "This is groundbreaking for the company. Martha will tell the GCash story, what happened during and after the pandemic. This is a story about our people, and bringing the whole Fintech and PH in the global stage. It's a story of hope for our kababayans through our work at GCash and our goal of financial freedom for all."

Ms. Martha says "The Philippines was challenged when the pandemic closed down businesses, left people jobless, and financial exclusion happened in the country. Investments, insurance, are not accessible. Our vision is finance for all, it leads to economic progress and freedom. We built the largest digital ecosystem with local and international business partners. Now it's used for payments, lending, insurance, and powers a dream. We became a part of people's lives, and even made it describe a transaction "I-GCash mo na Yan!". For GCash in 2022, we had 40 million transactions happen. We help entrepreneur survive and flourish. Even students started to raise funds for aid, even OFW's have access to buy their families surprise packages, groceries just like if they were there. People can now grow their money for less than a dollar, invest in local and international companies through the app. Aside from that, they can also save, be insured as we have partnered with 10 of the biggest insurance companies in the world. We let them access fair lending, not to loan sharks, but do it with GScore to deliver innovation for good. We also have GForest, every transaction let you earn green points and plant trees across the country. When the pandemic hit, we were there for our customers. Our vision, collaboration, let us uplift the lives of Filipinos. Our journey is far from over, we need to be there for more underserved segments, to Filipinos wherever they are. This is our GCash story."

It was certainly nice to see how GCash has transformed the way we do things in the country, to hopefully bring inspiration to more people around the globe. I was so happy to see that one of the biggest fintech companies in the Philippines just put the country in the Mobile World Congress map, and I hope this starts financial freedom for others too! 

Congratulations GCash! 


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