CEDRIC ESCOBAR Releases Debut Single "Di Na Ba" Under Polyeast Records

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

It must have been fate, least to say when Cedric Escobar was asked to perform as front act to the Introvoys' tour in the US. They were initially confused when he wasn't allowed to be "front act" and instead, asked to perform in the mid to test if he could sustain the energy of the crowd Introvoys were playing at a few years back. It was then when drummer, actor Paco Arespacochaga knew he had a gem in his hand, so he's mentoring him, his career together with record label Polyeast Records until today... as he releases his debut single called "Di Na Ba" announced in a press conference held at 12Monkeys in Estancia Pasig City. This is co-presented by B2B music distribution, tech and marketing corp FUGA. He has already performed in US tours of KZ, Jaya, JK and other Filipino artists and is excited for his first work being released locally.

Cedric says "I've been lucky to have been able to have Filipino fans because they really do support Filo artists like me. This has certainly been a dream, like a part of my vision board. I'm going to give it my 100 percent, really thankful for the opportunity!'

"He treats me as one of his sons and I do look up to Kuya Paco. Right now I am working on a lot of music, to hopefully release more this 2023."

Paco says "He really didn't want this song but when I invited him on stage, and at the end of the performance, everyone clapped. It's hard to mentor someone, but after that, it was just trust between us. I felt back then, he did do a lot of front acts already, so I didn't allow him to be front act, I put him in the middle of the set. It was to see the momentum of the crowd was going to be sustained and we did a lot of 90's songs. We did covers and he respects how the song was supposed to be sung, it didn't have vocal acrobatics. This is a two year journey, and I'm glad to see him here."

His single "Di Na Ba" can now be downloaded or streamed in all digital platforms, you can also check his performance video on Polyeast Records YT channel today. You can also follow Cedric Escobar's social channels to get to know him even more. 

This was already launched through Polyeast's The LiVeRARY which was streamed on YouTube during the height of the pandemic where they let artists showcase their music on stream.


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