NADINE, BEA + More at the OPPO Inspriation Ahead Event

Friday, March 24, 2023

Super happy to see OPPO getting a little closer to lifestyle events as they held an "Inspiration Ahead" forum with speakers like stylists Pam Quinones and Daryl Chang, concert photographer to the stars Magic Liwanag, and Fashion and Style blogger David Guison. It was nice to see them share their expertise in their respective fields, but in a nutshell, it takes guts to be fashionable, it's okay to experiment, make amends with style mishaps in the past (and to just go ahead and try it). 



Leanne and Naara also provided needed entertainment in the middle of festivities, music from them was really super nice, a lot of people danced during their set. I'm a fan of their music now :)

Magic says "My inspiration starts the moment I wake up, shooting different people, I learned that it depends on how you feel. Experience for me is champ! As a photographer, I'm glad my wife isn't a content creator, I get to rest, capture moments, even if it's not Hollywood or international artists, I get to share my story. OPPO really helped me become pro active, because of its functionalities, from Reno to Find, you get excited to take photos and remain inspired anywhere."

David Guison says "I don't really think bout it so much nowadays, just dark, minimalist, things that you don't tend to see much, that's what I document. Knowing what you like is your style. It's nice to see people that hype you up, it helps because you get to say hi and show your personality. "

During the evening, they had Bea Alonzo on stage and talk about her own passions. She also shared her ways on finding inspiration on everything she does. She was extremely happy to see her fans on the grounds since late lunch time. That's dedication right there!


Then to make the evening even better, I was able to take a few minutes to talk to President NADINE LUSTRE who has been in the headlines these past few weeks. But of course, we didn't talk about THAT. I had to ask how she's been, and how she feels being trusted by OPPO all these years. It's been a while since I've sat down with her, so here, enjoy!

I think this was my favorite shot that evening :)

Nadine also has stressed how she loves her RENO line of phones which she's endorsing with OPPO, and for the tons of new phones that they have come out with in recent months. These men and women do inspire a lot of people, and sharing those experiences probably would make all of us see our efforts, that it's okay to take time. Thank you for having me at the OPPO Inspiration Festival! :) 

Oh by the way, more events like these and offers are being announced through the their channels so go give them a follow! Recently they priced the OPPO A96 at Php 14,999, plus some news about their folding phone would be a nice thing to get acquainted with, go see it there!


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