The House down South!

Friday, April 08, 2011

My cousin has been slaving away for the construction of their house in the province down south and I'm seeing quite a remarkable improvement in the housing conditions there. Flooring installation has been done and they are already on the finishing part of the house. It made the whole space look expensive and posh just by putting in hard wood looking floors. The overall look of the house together with the furniture and appliances is very cohesive and I love how it felt warm and inviting compared to the last time I went there. The kitchen itself was not forgotten and even the walls were installed with tiles breaking that vintage feel that they were going for previously. It now has modern clean lines on it that my cousin and her husband adore! We'll go there after a few weeks for the blessing and I must not forget to bring with me a house warming gift. Maybe a couple of pots from Mom's garden which she can turn into indoor accents wouldn't hurt!

Martha Stewart would surely envy her once it's finished because of the big garden she'd like to put up. The soil is so fertile on that part of the world so they will pretty soon have vegetables and fruit bearing trees for our family's consumption. I can't imagine how great that would look like to see how the kids would also join harvesting the crops. Things have been great and easy with construction and I wish they went through expert establishments like SEARS when it comes to installing all of that inside the house. It would have been way easy!


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