Playing the Game and Risks in Day Trading

Saturday, April 09, 2011

I'm a newbie at stock market trading and the risks are generally high in my side of the world. The fact is I barely know the ins and outs of day trading and initially I'd rather stay on blue chip stocks and play the waiting game for most of it. The process though takes quite a lot of time and it does outweigh the conveniences of earning a lot in a short amount of time. There are institutions that can give you day trading tips but I have not pursued it yet. I have quite a lot to learn still and if you read the fine print on most of these on line you would definitely feel the big picture. This is not for the faint of heart and the playing of liquidity can make or break you in a single day. Getting informed of the trends and making necessary steps to understand the market from day 1 is one of the keys in successfully playing this game. The irony is; it isn't a game after all.

If you observe in the beginning, take time to see the trends and make sure you have months of data before you invest money. The liquidity pays but if you think about it; it can also ruin your financial stability. If you have lee way and quite an amount to back you up it could end up in flames just like a jet plane. Understanding this type of trading is the key. Without getting informed of the metrics first or the corresponding risks involved posts a much greater one so make sure you get reputable corporations that indulge in this business like large well known financial institutions. They have way bigger funding and it would be better for any individual trader to rest in the bylines and wait for these guys who have more resources to do the deed for them and just plainly decide later on key factors how to make the risk work for you in the long run. The day trading center can tell you a lot but just like anything in this world you have to educate yourself no matter what. Life is as great as they tell you but it could be the worse for some people too. Stay safe or remain bullish in trading; but make sure you don't run out of money when you plan to earn a hefty amount too. Everyone is playing with the volatility of course!


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wow stocks! ako mutual fund lang. sumasakit ulo ko sa stocks eh hehehe