Boyz Avenue

Friday, April 08, 2011

I think I'm a little too late in appreciating this particular band. Boyz Avenue has been doing covers and their own compositions for a very long time now but I only appreciated it a couple of days ago. I know how much of a loser that feels but hey at least I did right?! Check out this one in particular because its so on point. It's like the real thing but they have it on their portfolio... like its their own. This is really nice!

This next one is from a boyband I kinda despised a few years ago. Then again they made short work of it. I really think the breaks they are getting isn't enough. They probably have their own album now but the airplay sucks. If I were their manager I'd have their songs all lined up on one playlist and let the stations dedicate quite a number of hours to finish it off. I'm not in any shape, way or form related to them but damn I'd recommend them in a jiffy!

I don't want to get stuck there though. I'd still prefer to go back to danceable hits like what Rihanna's been doing these past few months on billboard. Man, she's one hot lady! I wouldn't want to be Chris Brown at this day and age. It'll be hell and I wouldn't want to live like I lost her because I beat her up like that. Hehehehe...

You can even see cats do it these days LOL

See what I mean? Hahahahah!


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