Someone Said the Philippines is Not Fashion Forward?!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

o tell you honestly I don't know the actual question that was asked of her but her statements on this Nina Garcia dinner/video is sooooo NOT RIGHT. How can you be so irresponsible and tell that your fellow Filipinos don't know fashion like you do?! Ughh... as if you know a lot! This has been spreading like wildfire and I get what people have been irritated with. Her concept of fashion is not even close to icons here or elsewhere in the world, she's a kid and yes I think the other bloggers are right when they said she's a little delusional... not a great thing to tell people internationally REALLY. She must be probably drunk from the fame and fortune because it is after all Nina Garcia, but oh boy I agree with other bloggers that her parents probably should teach her manners.

Rant off: If I were her I'd plan to apologize. The fashionistas and real fashion forward wouldn't like what she said. In fact, they'll probably kick her out of their "coming soon" list! If only the fashion gods and goddesses were here... a lightning would struck her the second those words uttered out of her mouth. Yeah, I officially don't like her. This speck of dust in the fashion photography world doesn't like her! In fact, those who understand would surely still want to kick her in the shin and tell her THAT'S NOT RIGHT! I propose not to get her in Philippine Fashion Week this season!

As if everyone is following your Fashion statements in the first place! Hahahaha!

You are officially SOOO LAST SEASON!

Read all about it here: CLICK THIS



ZaiZai said...

feelingera! parang hirap pa mag english ng tuloy tuloy..hinigh blood ako sa kanya ha

John Bueno said...

Hahaha exactly my sentiments Zai hehe

Superjaid said...

hmp!nakakainis naman to tsk sapakan na lang kaya kami daming alam!

John Bueno said...

Sige po superjaid bigyan mo sya ng superpunch! ehehehehe