The Slapshock Experience

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It was such an honor to meet one of the most influential rock bands in Philippine history. If you hear the name "Slapshock" and you live in the Philippines; you probably would faint while in the presence of the greatest, internationally acclaimed rap metal - metal core band this land has ever produced.

They signed up again with Polyeast Records (formerly EMI) and working with them has been an a great decision "Jamir (vocalist) said". Working them has been beneficial and this would help them produce better music in the coming months so make sure you stake out their albums as soon as it hit the shelves soon!

I listened to their last album called "Carino Brutal" which was released in late 2009 and I was impressed to say the least with the carrier single with the same name. Their gigs here and in the US probably would tell you how great their songwriting and music is. Take a moment and watch this!

I wish I had their energy and join that mosh pit! I'll surely be bashing a couple of people for sure! Did you see those Americans too? Imagine our own rock gods being worshiped by them... it's such a wonderful feeling that they REPRESENT!!!!

Another interesting video that I saw is a collaboration between Southeast Asian countries. Who made the cut and got us on this? Of course Slapshock!

I'm so proud of these guys... Jamir was a highschool batchmate so I'm not surprised about the overwhelming talent that he has! With Lee Nadela on bass, Lean Ansing and Jerry Basco on guitar the silent but deadly Chi Evora on drums, how in the world can we go wrong with that?!

I'd like to take this bit and thank Slapshock for the nice afternoon... Dickies, Red Horse and Polyeast Records for making this possible!

P.S. Watch out for the intimate interview we had with them after the contract signing! (To be posted soon on HD video)



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Xprosaic said...

Oh wow! i envy you! slapshock yun... mali... SLAPSHOCK yun! hayz... inggit mode ako... hehehehehe

YOW said...

Oh. Sh*t. Slapshock!!!! Nakakainggit nga. Pangarap to eh. Haha. I super like them.

Bino said...

astig! slapshock!!!!! wala ako masabi kundi ung mga sinabi ko kanina.

Tsiremo said...

Napaka! Ikaw na nga!!! Inggit much whakhakhak!

Tsiremo said...

Napaka! Ikaw na nga!!! Inggit much whakhakhak!

Samokan said...

lapit na bagong album! astig

KUMAGCOW said...

Yeap starstruck din ako to tell you honestly

KUMAGCOW said...

Yes boss, lapit na sa July daw eh :)

KUMAGCOW said...


KUMAGCOW said...

hahahaha ano to bino

KUMAGCOW said...

Thanks Tsi! :)